Hi, I am Frederik Mrozek – my callsign is DL6FM.

I study Computing in Science (CiS) with main focus on physics at the University of Hamburg. I am interested in physics and simulations, as well as software development. Due to my interest in spaceflight and satellites I started working on a satellite tracking app for macOS in 2020 parallel to my studies. In 2022 I am finally ready to publish the first version of the software to the App Store.

I started coding on a Mac with C and C++ and later Objective C combined with Cocoa. Since a couple of years I now primarily code in Swift and Python and I use SwiftUI for user interfaces. I have also done different projects like a building a driving robot or receiving the data of my weather station to make it accessible via local network in my house, besides many other projects.


You can contact me via e-mail:

For software support: Support